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splendid military, Pendentive

splendid military, Pendentive
splendid military, Pendentive
Reference : 20X14921
WE ENGRAVE FOR YOU, YOUR MORE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS On this splendid military, Pendentive plate any silver 925/000 - Possibility of photo engraving Pendentive silver 925/000 - Possibility of photo engraving. Pendentive, military plate, silver, 925/000 Ref.: 1485921AR Cut: H 20 mm - L 14 mm Weight: 3.20 G With the back We offer to you: the engraving of YOUR MESSAGE, message d' love, d' friendship, first name, or date, YOUR PHOTOGRAPH BECOMES ----> YOUR JEWEL ON This splendid pendentive, form, military plate silver 925/000. All our jewels are assembled on cord color with the choice. (N' do not forget d' to add this gift, with your basket!) That is to say to carry to the turn of your neck; assembly collar. Maybe in bracelet charms, it does not matter your choice, this assembly and the cord is offered to you! To carry out the assembly, on door keys, to add the snap hook in your basket. 39 Euros including all taxes = VERY INCLUDED/UNDERSTOOD! = jewel, engraving 2 faces, cord, single assembly = engraved personalized gift!!! ENGRAVING 2 faces, inalterable Engraving contrary to the laser! OUR WORK AND ALWAYS PERSONALIZES, SINGLE, AND ALWAYS REALIZED WITH THE GREATEST CARE. You choose: The shape of your Jewel, to see in our shop: pendentive heart, or plates military, medal round, pendentive oval, full with forms s' offer to you. You choose: Matter of your Jewel, to see in our shop: plated silver, plated but 18, silver, plated but 24, or gold, a broad choice of matters s' offer to you. You choose: The cord, black, white, pink, blue And if you prefer, to carry your jewel, with a chain, to see in our shop, Catégorie: chain cord, the prices are very small there! For matters like l' silver and plated gold. The whole is delivered to you in followed, consultable numbered mode on the site of, in a pretty small pocket gift jeweller organza, For an original gift, a engraved gift, a personalized gift, the Prêt whole to offer or to s' to offer! For your photographs, we can engrave: several photographs units, several faces 2 to 3, jusqu' to 5 on military plate, All the photographs can be engraved, color, black and white, photographs old, of the images, logo of company, preferred, pet singer, with reception of your photographs we will guide you to make most beautiful of the jewels: yours! We engrave ALL THAT YOU WISH! Without exception?. WITH RECEPTION OF YOUR PAYMENT, your order is effective, Your personalized jewel, engraved, is carried out at once with the greatest care. Count 8 days to receive your jewel. Your payment is preferred by cheque, (for payment by chart, only paypal, to send your payment to, a supplement of 3.40 E will be required of you for expenses) We remain at your disposal for any information Alors N' do not hesitate. You can as of now, without engagement, to send your photographs and your wishes by email to us directly to:, we will guide you in your choice for a single jewel and one made splendid. TO ORDER ANYTHING SIMPLE To add to your basket, your pendentive, your cords offered, or chains, your expenses d' sending To regulate on the site or by mail. SEND as of aujourd' today: YOUR PHOTOGRAPH with YOUR TEXT MESSAGE TO BE ENGRAVED All your wishes: form, matter, COLOR AND CHOICE OF the ASSEMBLY OF YOUR CORD collar, bracelet? Our goal your satisfaction: We use the very last generation of machine to be engraved! Without question only, which gives such a beautiful Identique result to the photograph! Quality, precision of inalterable ENGRAVING. This very last technology guaranteed to you reliability and satisfaction in all the case. All our customers are satisfied. Here one guaranteed to you your satisfaction!! Our goal; you to give pleasure! We gives pleasure! Expenses d' sending in addition 5.30 per 1,2 jusqu' with 3 jewels engraved beyond the expenses will be offered to you!
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