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médaille ronde gravé gravure photo argen

médaille ronde gravé gravure photo argen
médaille ronde gravé gravure photo argen
Reference : 1ARONDEPHO
For a personalized gift, let us burn the picture of what you like about this beautiful pendant,
Imagine the smile on your children engraved on a beautiful medal,


The jewelry engraving,
Burning your photo on this pendant,
You choose the material, gold plated 750, engraving your photo on this jewel silver 925,
The engraving on the back of your message, Yes, we offer you the back: your engraved message, a word of love, a message of friendship, the name of your children, anything goes! We cut, anything you want.
Cord knot sliding options (15 colors to do add to your basket you will be provided) You will be engraved gem mounted on the cord of your choice, sliding knot goes to everyone (see cord)
Your jewelry engraved, will be slipped into a pretty gift bag with tissue, so jewelers.

Details of the medal round to burn:
Ref. : 2826300PO
Size: Diam. 20 mm
750 gold-plated medal guaranteed for 10 years.
925 silver medals guaranteed for 10 years.

If you do not want a cord, you will find in the store on your left: Chains and Bracelets silver or gold plated, jaseron mesh, mesh-convict, or diamond mesh, choose the chain or bracelet that suits you we will endeavor free your charms engraved.

Add to your cart, chain or bracelet of your choice and your medal engraved, will be mounted on this gem.

Add to your basket, pack shipping jewelry, left the shop, and your jewelry will arrive in max letter, sending numbered, secure, searchable on-site monitoring

When ordering, please specify:
The color of your string, numbered 1 to 15 colors.
Material: Gold Plated Silver 750 or 925 / 1000
Explain your wishes; Burning your words, names or short message to be engraved.
Send us your photo or your photo files, per box at PLUSK1BIJOUX@LIVE.FR
We will help you in your choice.
Upon receipt, we will guide you to make your photo,
a beautiful engraved jewelry, custom jewelry by engraving your best photos.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Our clients speak:

-''Merciii for everything! Magnifik vraimen! very good seller RESPECT! a council run?
-''It's just tt WONDERFUL!! Run to make your own! 1000 times thank you''
-''Very nice quality item, sending a very neat, super TGV time seller''

Do like them, do not hesitate to trust us!

IN THE SHOP PLUSK1BIJOUX.COM, you will discover our collection of costume jewelry engraving and how to customize them:

By etching? A first name,
By etching? A date, birth, baptism, marriage anniversary? ..
By burning your words
By burning your message? Love, of friendship,
For portrait and photo engraving on jewelry to choose from.
By etching portrait pendant
By etching and photo portrait on coin

We engrave for you and a name, date, little word, love, friendship, friendship, darling, I'm a bitch, JTM, Love, My Darling. What is allowed?. No taboo
The shape of charms (clover, heart, round, target, that can be mixed)
But also by their material: 925 silver or gold plated, you choose
By the numbers: (1,2,3,4,5, 6 medals
Through cord color according to your taste and season.

The price varies depending on the model, and our prices are calculated at the fair, the lowest in the market.
For your special creations, contact us by mail:

IN THE SHOP PLUSK1BIJOUX.COM Lots of other models exist to burn ...
Our collection of jewelry engraved:
Gold plated pendants, pendants silver
Gold-plated medal, silver medal,
Medal Round
Heart Pendant,
Military plate silver
Military plate gold-plated
jewel target
Bijou token
clover pendant,
pendants girl
boy charms
Pendant cherub
silver jewelry
Gold plated jewelry ... ALL OUR JEWELRY IS 10 YEARS WARRANTY!
Photo engraving and portrait pendant, gold-plated medal round 750, OR
Photo engraving and portrait medals Round Silver Pendants 925, OR
Photo engraving charm bracelet round gold-plated, OR
Photo engraving on silver bracelet charms round 925,

PLUSK1BIJOUX.COM is a printmaking studio specializing in personalized gifts,
For all your events:
for a birthday,
for a wedding gift,
Giving a gift born
gifts for a baptism
for a personalized engraving on jewelry,
for photogravure
For an original gift,
For a personalized gift,
For a unique gift,
Burning photo on your jewelry.
photo engraving on silver medals, gold plated
photo engraving on gold plated pendants, silver
engraved medal,
pendant engraved,
engraving on glass,
flute etched
etched glass,
carving flutes,
Medal engraving dog
Medal cat
Engraving name,
Etching time,
Engraving birth date,
Engraving message
You only have the choice.

Also at your disposal for any question or if you encounter a problem on the shop please contact us at hotmail Quick response guaranteed!
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duo flute gravée, Parrain, Marraine
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