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bracelet heart engravable silver

bracelet heart engravable silver
bracelet heart engravable silver
Reference : 1A1826100
BRACELET CHARM HEART ENGRAVES OUT OF MONEY OR PLATE BUT, Jewel heart personalized by your words will be assembled in bracelet on cord of your choice. A jewel personnalisable with l' infinite? according to your tastes and desires. An idea gift, ideal for its birthday or its birth! Engraving text on this medal heart engraved will be carried out with the greatest care. Detail of your purchase: A bracelet 1 engraved charm: medal heart Money 925/000 - Or medal Plated heart but 24 GUARANTEE 10 YEARS. Ref.: 1826100AR 21 X 20 MM 2.36 G Engraving recto back of your words. Gone up on free cord. Your bracelet engraved heart, to you will be dispatched Gratuitement, slipped, in a pretty small pocket gift fabric. The whole ready to offer or to s' to offer! No photo engraving on this model only of the words. This heart, exists in the category: Photo engraving on jewels on the left of the shop. We guarantee your satisfaction to you. Our customers s' express: - ' ' Merciii for all! Magnifik vraimen!! very good salesman RESPECT! a council to sink! - ' ' C' is tt simply SPLENDID!!!! Will run to do yours there!!! 1000 times merci' ' - ' ' very beautiful article of quality, very neat sending, time super TGV salesman ' ' Made like them, N' do not hesitate to trust us! A question? will be made a pleasure of answering you For any order, to specify Us: The color of your cord, Numbered from 1 to 15 colors. Matter: Plated but 750 or Money 925 /1000 Engraving: words, first names to be engraved In the shop, you will discover all our jewels, How to personalize them - By the engraving of your words?: or - By photo engraving on jewels with the choice. let us engrave we for you, a first name, a date, short note, message d' love, d' friendship, (small darling, I am 1 bitch, JTM, Love, My darling.) - By the shape of the charms: (clover, heart, round, target, that l' one can mix) - But also by their matter: Money 925 or plated but, you choose - By the number: (1,2,3,4,5, 6 medals - By the color of the cord according to your taste and the season. The price varies according to the model, and our prices are calculated with just, with low of the market. For your particular creations, contact us by email: Full d' other models exist to engrave? Our collection of engraved jewels: Pendentive plated but, pendentive money, Medal plated gold, medals money, medals round, pendentive heart, plate military money, military plate plated but, target jewel, pendentive clover, pendentive girl, charms boy jewels money jewels plated gold? c' is a workshop of engraving, specialized in the personalized gifts, For all your events: for a gift d' birthday, for a gift marriage, for a gift birth, for gifts baptism, for an engraving personalized on jewels, for a photoengraving, photo engraving on medals money, plated but, photo engraving on pendentive plated gold, money medal gravee, pendentive engraved, engraving on glass, engraved flute, engraved glass, engraving on flutes, engraving medal dog, medal cat. You n' have that choice. If you do not find, if you encounter a problem on the shop n' do not hesitate to always contact us by hotmail with
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