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Plate military to engrave

Plate military to engrave
Plate military to engrave
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(Between us aren't they nice? photo catch of a portable the n' result; isn't it splendid?) What could I make your photograph? I could: To engrave for you, on a splendid military plate I engrave and the engraving of Your message to the back offers to you; A message d' Love or d' Friendship. You choose the size: For the military plates, only one size available: 28 X 49 mm The military plate is generally used into pendentive for man; it is very virile. But can also be carried in key door with l' d' helps; a snap hook for the women or the moms who n' do not like the pendentive ones. For the door keys, we sell snap hooks: to see category: chain cord, (left column of the shop) You choose the matter plated money or plated gold. Imagine the face of your children on a military plate plated but, with l' inscription: ' Dad one t' Aime' ' , and with the back why not; a birth date and a first name? To offer for your Man the day of St Valentine! Idea gift more than marvellous, it will be touched c' is on! You can just as easily, l' to offer to your been engaged, or your husband, simply to recall him that you l' like while engraving to him: ' ' I t' like ' ' in order to what l' do not forget! In any event, c' more qu' is a gift; appreciated, it is thus to offer for all the occasions, a birthday, St Valentine, or the Father's Day Mother's Day and also for a festival between friends, and simply to change traditional flowers! Ridges you pleasure while offering or by offering a personalized gift, single gift, an original gift, a gift to you not expensive!!!! D' other forms and sizes available are on sale in the shop. You will find some for all the family, woman, or young girl child, teenager, of the jewels to engrave more female, like the heart, or a round medal for child, boy. N' do not hesitate to walk you and discover all our pages always filled with photographs in order to make you discover our achievements. You will find your happiness inevitably. You have a question especially n' do not hesitate to contact to me, open your limps hotmail and send me All your questions with I will have a pleasure d' to answer it. The price of this engraved jewel includes/understands: the choice of pendentive, the medal, the engraving of your photograph like its assembly improvement and engraving of your message to the back offered small pocket gift delivery offered All is allowed! I am with your listening, for exaucer all your wishes! Your jewels single will be personalized engraved, it will be delivered to you free, with a white satin cord, pink fuchsia, turquoise blue or black you choose! The whole is sent to you in numbered protected mode followed consultable on the site of, in a pretty small pocket fabric gift. Loan to be offered or to s' to offer. We take any type of photo white black or color, illustration, image, drawing, logo. It is necessary however that the photograph is clear for a good performance. The photographs paper sent by the post office are systematically turned over to you with your jewels. You can as of now, without engagement, to forward me your photo file and the detail of personalization (text, message, date, first name etc) with PLUSK1BIJOUX@LIVE.FR As of reception, I will say to you what j' in thinks.
Your message to be engraved
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2021-12-31 29.0029.00 EUR
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