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Military plate engraving photo

Military plate engraving photo
Military plate engraving photo
Reference : 2485922PO8
Military plate engraving photo included, on the back post offered.

Find a gift for dad is not easy. With this gold plated military medal plate engraving on the front of your children, the more your message engraved on the back: We love you Dad, he will love, guaranteed.

To offer or afford a gift for man, gift idea for Father's Day.
And do not forget the holiday for lovers, Valentine's Day, Burn, a plate I love you in Chinese, Egyptian, Arabic .... in French .... We engrave anything you want without taboo.

Pendant-plated or.750
750 gold-plated military plaque personalized engraving.
Pendant, gold-plated.

Ref. : 2485922PO8P90
Size: H 26 mm - 16 mm L


Photo engraving plate on military man 925 silver jewelry
Ref. : 1485922AR10P80
Size: H 26 mm - 16 mm L
Weight: 4.54 g

Photo engraving plate member, and your message to the back offered, as I love you Dad, You're the best daddy ....

Words of love, friendship word, name your children, everything is permitted.
I burn everything you want

This pendant is also military plaque, silver 925 you will be offered at the time of your purchase. (See category, silver medals, pendants silver military plaque, key rings)

A personalized engraved gift, an original gift, an engraved plaque, a jewelry man, a cheap gift!

THE PRICE INCLUDES: The jewel engraved, engraving photo on this jewel, burning your message back, cord free choice of color, a fabric gift pouch so jewelers = a unique gift, yours, a gift engraved according to your tastes and desires.

Your gold plated pendant, or your military plaque engraved silver, will be mounted on cable (see left category: cable, chain) Do not forget to add it to your cart it is offered.
Your engraved plaque, engraved pendant, bead necklace knot sliding.

You'll find gold-plated chains, your military plaque. View category gold chains pl left the shop. In this case, your jewelry will be mounted on the channel you have added to your basket.

Lots of other models exist in the store, the collection of jewelry engraved, is classified by subject and also forms but also bracelets photo engraving, key ring, to facilitate your research. silver jewelry, jewelry plated gold medal round, silver heart pendant photo engraving, photo engraving plate military, target jewelry, clover pendant, cherubs, religious medal etc. .. is an engraving workshop: Specializing in personalized gifts. Ideas for a birthday gift, wedding gift, birth gift, baptism gifts, Valentine's gifts, personalized jewelry engraving, photoengraving, photo engraving on jewelry, coin engraved, engraved necklace, glass etching, engraving on flutes, engraved medal dog, cat medal, etc. ...

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-''Merciii for everything! Magnifik vraimen! very good seller RESPECT! a council run?
-''It's just tt WONDERFUL!! Run to make your own! 1000 times thank you''
-''Very nice quality item, sending a very neat, super TGV time seller''

Do like them,
Do not hesitate to trust us!
Any questions? will be happy to answer

When ordering, please specify:
The color of your cord,
Material: Gold plated 750, 925 Silver,
Engraving: words, names to be engraved, date of birth ....

SEND YOUR PHOTO-mail, msn, hotmail, free, orange, or else:

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