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How do I clean my silver jewelry gold

How do I clean my silver jewelry gold
How do I clean my silver jewelry gold
Reference : 01NETTOYAN
To clean your silver jewelry or gold, applied this improvement products for your jewelry GOLD SILVER

A professional product. You will be amazed ....

Polish gold and silver, cleans, polishes, vitrified and removes minor scratches on gold jewelry and silver.

The rings, necklaces, pendants, medals, watches and other precious metal will scratch the door and when you lose their luster over time.

The new type of varnish for gold and silver, the smell of lemon, removes minor scratches and wear marks on precious metals.

Moreover, he cleans, polishes and seals treated surfaces. The concentrate is nontoxic and soluble in water.


25 grams. Suitable for: Rings, watches and other precious metal jewelry
Scope of delivery:
25 g tube Lair Polish. Professional polishing cloth. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Put the equivalent of a lens on the part of your jewelry, rub in turning using the soft seal and strong enough for 1 minute.

Then using the small yellow cloth attached also remove excess product, or with water (being careful to watch)

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removes the scratches on jew
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