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Reference : CGRAVE
I ENGRAVE FOR YOU on this splendid pendentive heart, Your photograph and Your message with the back Engrave to him a message d' Love or d' Friendship. All is allowed! Imagine, or your children, your man, on a splendid plated heart but, or plated money, with inscriptions like: ' ' Mom one t' Aime' ' , or ' ' You and me c' is for Vie' ' and with the back why not; a birth date, a first name, a message d' Love or d' Friendship all is allowed! To offer for all the occasions, at the time d' a birthday, d' a marriage, a Birth for nice a little baby or his mom, for a Baptism, St Valentine, or for a communion and also for a festival between friends, in order to change traditional flowers, or simply and c' is important to tell him ' ' I t' Aime' '. Ridges you pleasure while offering or by offering a single gift to you! Yours! CHOOSE THE SIZE: For the hearts, two sizes available: 30 mm (generally used into pendentive around the neck) Or 25 mm into pendentive (generally used: for the children, and also in bracelet style charms with several hearts often 3 or 4, with the photograph of each engraved child and the engraving of their first names to the back). YOU CHOOSE THE MATTER: Plated money, Plated but, YOU CHOOSE YOUR CORD All our jewels are assembled on cord color with the choice, it is offered to you! (see category: chain cord, on your left, and to add it to your basket) THE PRICE INCLUDES/UNDERSTANDS: The pendentive one the engraving of your photograph message with the engraved back small pocket gift fabric cord color with the choice delivery offered! I am with your listening, to raise all your wishes! Your jewel single will be personalized engraved, the whole slipped into a pretty small pocket fabric gift. Loan to be offered or to s' to offer. We take any type of photo white black or color, illustration, image, drawing, logo. It is necessary however that the photograph is clear for a good performance. (your photographs are to be sent to us by the post office or by your hotmail with with reception limps I will guide you to make your photograph a jewel The photographs paper are systematically turned over to you with your jewel. After or before your purchase do not hesitate to forward to us your photo file and the detail of personalization (the shape of the jewel, matter, color cord, text, message, date, first name etc) with PLUSK1BIJOUX@LIVE.FR, has reception I will guide you for my greater pleasure The price means including all taxes no surprise, no expenses additional! And forwarding, letter max, followed on the site, are offered to you!
Plated gold, Plated silver
Your message to be engraved
2021-12-31 29.0029.00 EUR
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